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Entry #7

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2012-05-05 23:08:56 by Siniztah

Advice from a Student

Walking, assailed by half frozen rain,
Nursing a half wet cigarette. Another
Perfectly joyless day. Pressing against grating
Post-winter weather to write a paper.

No visible dalliance ahead. After
Writing, endless reading assignments.
Struggling to stay aware, head, drooping,
Why, did I choose to quit drinking caffeine?

At some point in the midst of this
Travail a quick, cheap, lacking meal.
Another frozen burrito, then more reading
While dealing with digestive havoc.

The day's reward is restless sleep;
Restless from exchange of day-
Old stresses for brand new ones,
Also of old assignments for new.

All this for the sake of what,
Financial security? Hard to see
With thousands of dollars of
Debt to follow graduation day.

Supposing it is even possible
To find work in an economy at
The worst it has been in seventy
Years -- with an English B.A. --,

Things should end up alright.
If there is money to move,
Which may be required
Depending on the job market.

Take some advice
From a student:
Work fast food.
It's much simpler.


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