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Just a barely noticible insignifigant rant.

2009-11-10 23:57:58 by Siniztah

What is it with all of these people who make shit stick animations and write things in their author's comments box like 'I know it sux gimme a break'. Ok, first of all you fuckin jackass, it is not your job to say that it sucks. Quit being whiny and self depreciating... that is all of the portal surfers job, not yours. You just make the bullshit animations and we will criticize them. Secondly, if you know your trash animation blows before you even release it go that extra step and try to figure out how to make it not lick sweaty donkey balls. Lastly, cut it out with all of this 'gimme a break' shit. The large majority of people who watch videos on the portal are evil cynical bastards like me, and believe me we don't give breaks we give blams. In closing, If you suck at animation and know you never have any chance of being good at it go and join one of these mentally handicapped spamming crews who like to purposely spell words incorrectly and name their crews things that use alliteration e.g. Faggot Force because they think it is witty.


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